Friday, August 17, 2012

Any excuse will do!

I love it when friends from interstate (or anywhere, really) come to visit. As much it's not helping my fight against the flab, it's a great excuse to try somewhere new to eat.

For this girls' catchup, one of my fellow Perthites recommended a little hidden gem - Yuzu in Mt Lawley.  I would never have known it was there, as its entry is via the carpark behind the main strip (think behind Fresh Provisions).  We went for lunch on a Sunday afternoon (ah it's so nice to find somewhere that's open on a Sunday in Perth, especially the smaller hidden ones!), arriving around 2pm.  Unfortunately the shop closed at around 3pm, but as it's primarily a sushi train most customers would be in and out in pretty quick time (not like us girls who were there as much for the gasbagging as for the piggifying). 

I ordered my regular favourite - the Oyako Don:
Oyako don
I think it wasn't anywhere near as tasty as what I've had in Taka's in Perth, but for $12 it was more than enough to fill me up.  Very saucy though - too much so for eating with chopsticks - and the spoon I had to ask for (I was too hungry to eat my lunch one grain of rice at a time) never arrived (this was the only negative about the service there - it was otherwise friendly and very efficient).

The table favourite was the beef tataki carpaccio:

Beef tataki carpaccio
I liked the mix of flavours in my mouth, but to be honest the piece of beef I had was so chewy I couldn't break it up and had to swallow it whole (being too ladylike to spit it out at the table haha).

We also tried the Agedashi Tofu:
Agedashi tofu
I actually prefer the Hanami version up the road, but this one wasn't bad.

Possibly my favourite dish off the sushi train was this one:
Tempura prawn gunkan
Sweet, crispy and a little spicy.  Just the way I like it!

All the sushi from the train was very fresh and full of natural flavour.  While I was a little disappointed with the oyako don and the agedashi tofu, I'd definitely go back for the sushi train.  I've been off Jaws for some time now, so it's nice to find a newer, fresher (and less packed out) alternative!

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