Monday, September 17, 2012

My 2c worth..

There's been a lot of buzz on Urbanspoon lately about the Tuck Shop cafe in Northbridge and I thought I'd weigh in on the discussion because I'm a stickybeak (and also because I have these lovely pictures and nobody to share them with!).   

I actually had a brunch catchup there a few months ago but I enjoyed it so much it feels like it was just yesterday.

The decor is casual but bright, clean and classy, with a really cool idea of pinning your loyalty card to their pinup board (to the left) instead of carrying it around (and invariably losing it as I always do).  Four of us were there around 11am with a pram and despite it being quite full, didn't have to wait long at all for a table.

I decided to try the bruschetta and what a pleasant surprise!  I've had some bland bruschettas in my time (you know the ones where it's just old tomatoes and red onion on fat pieces of garlic bread?  You must do - it's a staple here in Perth) but this one had fresh, fat pieces of basil, avocado, soft billowy cheese (aaarggh the name of it escapes me), cherry tomatoes which were perfectly ripe and flavoursome,  bacon which was not too crispy or salty (though I didn't eat all of it - I didn't feel it needed as much as they gave) and the lot perfectly finished with a drizzle of olive oil.  I remember the bread being crispy and a bit chewy but really it was just a base for all that topping - I don't care if it's authentic or not, it was super yummy!

The yummiest bruschetta I've had in a long, long time
Because we'd heard so much about them, my girlfriends each had the lamb pie.  It didn't disappoint.  Tthe meat and filling was so tasty and tender, and the pastry was crispy but flaky and soft at the same time.  Next time I go (and yes, there will be a next time!) I want pie!!

Though having said that... damn but that bruschetta was good.  It'd be a pretty hard choice!

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