Tuesday, October 16, 2012

To old friends and new

When I got to highschool I was massively awkward but the complete opposite of self-conscious, ie I had absolutely no self awareness at all:  I could walk around with underwear over my head (not that I ever did) and it wouldn't occur to me that it was not appropriate.  I guess you could say I was a late bloomer to sentience.

So it was a bit scary, I didn't realise that getting this music scholarship thing (in my mind it was nothing important) would mean moving house and leaving my very tiny northern suburbs primary school and everything and everyone that I knew (and who knew what I was like and was comfortable with how I was).  I got to high school and felt like everyone was really grown up and knew everything.  I had been so secluded and cloistered, playing on footpaths with my next door neighbours and their siblings and my little brother - then suddenly there were hundreds of people every day at school, staircases to classrooms, an entire new music wing, green room, auditorium, gyms.. a far cry from the single boxed assembly area, oval, demountables, single music room, library and a handful of  other classrooms that I'd grown up with.

It was a little overwhelming.  And in my own vague way, I dimly realised that I didn't fit in, but wasn't self-aware enough to know what to do to fix that. *shudder* I know that a lot of people think school was the best time of their lives but I hated it.  Hated every single day.  When I look back, I realise that so many things outside of my control were changing and going on at the same time and really I had no idea who I was as I was changing so much myself.  I think those formative years define who you end up being and though I'm glad I survived them, I'm equally glad I will never have to go through them again.

Tenille was one of the very first people I met in highschool and one of the first who I called a friend.  She was more part of the 'cool' crowd, but accepted me despite my social awkwardness and lack of awareness (which caused me to just say whatever stupid things entered my head, no matter how offensive or silly). She also studied music and was (and still is) a gifted pianist.  Through her, I ended up meeting the girls she went to primary school with, one of whom is my best friend to this day, some 15 years on.

Facebook reconnected us some years ago and seeing my cakes develop over time, she approached me earlier this year to ask if I would be willing to make her wedding cake.  I was touched that she would trust me with her big day, and scared that I would stuff it up in some way.

Her theme was unconventional: rockabilly/vintage nautical 1950's.  She said she wanted only a small single tiered cake, as her friends were not really sweet eaters and that they were going to have a tiered cheese cake (made of cheese wheels) instead.

Along with a porcelain topper, the design elements she gave me to work with were rockabilly hearts, polka dots, anchors and red roses.   The colour scheme was red, white and grey.  I did a bit of research on what rockabilly was, and decided that the heart wouldn't be complete without the lovers' swallows, and I used Amazing Mold Putty to turn a pair of cheap earrings from Ebay into little fondant nautical accents.

Tenille would have no idea how grateful I am that we met, and though I know rationally I don't owe her anything, my inner sentimentalist really wanted to produce something unique, my way of saying "thank you".

I have it on good authority that the whole cake was eaten!
I think of all my cakes to date, this is my new favourite.  Quite often what I will envisage doesn't really translate (it may be too busy, or the colours don't work etc) but this cake is quite possibly the first time that I've been able to reproduce exactly what I've pictured.   I can also say with pride that this cake is completely my own design.  Thank you again, Tenille, for giving me this opportunity!

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