Friday, November 9, 2012

Strong on softness

So I think I maaaay just finally be getting the hang of the whole upside down ganache thing.  It still took me forever, but at least I can say it's the smoothest and sharpest finish I've ever been able to achieve.  I have to say, getting a proper pastry/dough/bench scraper (one with a 90 degree edge like this one) has made a world of difference:
From this..
Unfortunately, all of that went to poo when I stacked the top tier, despite using 5 fat bubble tea straws as supports.  Possibly 'plonking' it down didn't help - there was definite bulge action happening down on the bottom tier.  Me not happy!  No amount of fondant could hide it too, which was a real shame for all the hard work that went into smoothing the sides.  

Still, I had to box on.  Chapel bells a-ringin' and all that. The bride had sent me 4 photos of cakes that she liked, and pointed one out as her favourite.  (It has since been affectionately referred to as the 'toilet paper cake' ever since Steve saw it and said it looked like a massive roll of Sorbent!)   I had a mini freakout - it was 4 weeks to her wedding and I had no idea how to recreate the embossing on the sides of the cake but I really wanted to attempt her preferred design.  You only get married once - you shouldn't have to settle for second best!  Thankfully, a lovely person at Cakecentral (gosh there's so much crazy talent out there) was able to point me in the right direction and after careful study and some several hours later I was able to come up with this:

To this!
It's not exactly the same as the picture she had given me: I had issues with joining the diagonal seams - they simply wouldn't line up, and I had the added pressure of it being the very last of my fondant (I had less than a 5cm ball remaining after the cake was done and any closeups of the cake would show the cracks on the scrollwork due to the fondant having become so overworked).  I think the scrollwork hides the joins quite well though, and I think the tiny red accents worked well.  All in all I think my additions are an improvement, I just hope the bride sees it the same way!

She told me that she had arranged for a florist to provide an arrangement of fresh flowers for the cake.  I really hope it all came together perfectly on the big day!

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