Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bring the Zing

It's been a while since I've wandered up to Hillarys and I have to say, it's looking really good!  I like what they've done with it since that massive fire way back when, love the additions of Grill'd, Hippo Creek and San Churro, and judging by the throngs of people there at 11am on a Sunday, I'm not the only one!

We stopped for lunch at Zing Cafe and decided to share the Zing skins (filled potato skins) and the cheesy nachos.
Zing skins - cheese and bacon - $11.95 for 5 skins
The potato skins looked amazing, but much to our disappointment they were bland.  The cheese was tasteless and the bacon wasn't smoky or flavoursome, just salty.  There was so much oil oozing from the cheese that the skins were actually soggy, the potato was floury and the whole thing was just really unsatisfying.

Cheese nachos - $16.95
The nachos were made up of a tortilla cut into wedges with baked-on cheese.  In the centre of the plate was fresh lettuce and chopped tomato, sour cream and their own guacamole.  Once again, the cheese was a massive let-down.  If it's going to be the main ingredient, then for goodness' sake, get some decent cheese!   At least the tortilla wedges were nice and crispy and it was certainly better than the Zing skins, but nothing to write home about.
Even Sophie didn't show much enthusiasm for the cheese nachos!
I think the only truly satisfied customer of the day was little Sophie - a big walk followed by lots of attention from passers by,  cuddles from strangers (one lady actually took a picture of us together) and high praise from the service staff at Zing (who were friendly and efficient - no complaints there) for being very well-behaved.

Overall it's a great location on the jetty - a little away from the hustle and bustle with a great little corner for a live band, the service was good but the dishes we ordered were disappointing.

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