Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cantina 663

With her wedding and all its related activities drawing near, my bestie decided to celebrate her birthday about 2 weeks early, which caused me no end of confusion as for the last about 20 years I've pretty much struggled to remember which date is actually her birthday.  She was setting me up for another best friend birthday failure and worst of all, she hides it on Facebook so I can't even cheat and look it up! haha

Firstly, my apologies for the blurry pictures - I didn't realise that my camera lens must've been dirty that day!

I'm glad she chose to go to Cantina, as I've wanted to try it for a long time but just needed a bit of a nudge.
Rustic decor
I loved the vibe - it was busy, casual, friendly, warm but buzzing all at the same time.

Grilled bread
I know - it's just a bit of bread, right? I can't tell you why, but that piece of grilled bread dipped in olive oil just tasted amazing that day - that little bit of saltiness coupled with the slight bitterness of the olive oil and slightly burned bread - maybe I'm just very easy to please, but there's just something about getting the simple things right, you know?

House bacon
This was another starter - the bacon was sweet, not too dry and crispy (I don't like crunchy bacon) and I just loved that relish.

Veal schnitzel with mojo
That mojo was SO tasty!  I don't think I've ever heard the phrases "you've gotta try the mojo", and "here - make sure you get some mojo!" bandied about quite so much in the space of 5 minutes haha

Salad with lamb
I had to laugh when Steve's meal came out - he was expecting lamb with salad on the side, but the opposite ended up being true.  To his surprise, it was delicious and he didn't regret his decision.

Pan fried gnocchi with hazelnuts
The gnocchi serving looked small but was deceptively filling and the hazelnuts were a really lovely crunchy addition.

Cantina sandwich
I can't remember exactly what it was, but I'm pretty sure the meat patty in this sandwich was a mix of veal and something else - it was delicious.  In fact, there wasn't anything I tried that day that wasn't full of flavour, though my favourite probably was the lamb salad in the end.

Gluten free jaffa cake
I always have room for sweets after a big meal, and one of Steve's favourite flavours is choc-orange (jaffa).  This cake was moist without being heavy and had a lovely flavour.  A nice way to end an amazing lunch!

I think I read somewhere that the menu is seasonal - yet another reason to get excited when the whether starts to change!  I think Cantina is definitely worth a visit, and I'd definitely go back.

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