Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back to school

I recently caught up with a couple of girlfriends over lunch at the Classroom in Leederville.  I'm sure I've driven past it about half a million times and never noticed it hidden there on the corner of Charles and Angove. 

The decor is funky and (excuse the pun) old-school: cute tiny little wooden desks with pop up lids (ours contained Connect 4!), the menus were housed in bright little contact covered binders, there were school backpacks, old classroom photos, blackboards and even a set of 'school rules' as a bit of an intro before the menu items were listed. 

Sorry about the overuse of filters - it's to try and disguise the hideously poor quality of the photos taken by my iphone because I left my real camera at home, boo hoo
I think larger people may have problems sitting at the tiny wooden desks, as I found it a bit of a tight squeeze getting my legs under the table, but luckily it seems there are other seating alternatives closer to the bar. 

The 'teacher'/bartender/waiter was friendly and polite, and we were allowed to order, pay separately and put all 3 orders on the same 'buzzer' but maybe this was a little too complicated.  When the buzzer beeped, we all got up to collect our meals, but it turned out that only B's $7 order of chips was ready.  Long after she had finished eating her fries, the other 2 of us were still waiting for our meals and when the buzzer finally beeped again, even the 'teacher' applauded and whooped for us, as we had been waiting so long.  The kitchen was still putting my meal together as I stood there.

As an aside, I find it interesting that the cost of eating out seems to be going up and up, but yet you're still expected to go up to the counter to order your meals.. wait for a buzzer to sound to indicate it's time for you to collect your food, and your own cutlery and there's a 40 minute wait for the privilege.  I thought the point of eating out was so everything is done for you - but maybe I'm just expecting too much!

Anyway, the presentation was quite cute - the fries actually came in a brown paper bag and they were tasty.  My $22 miso glazed salmon on a bed of sweet potato and eggplant was delicious, subtle flavours and not too sweet, though the crispy noodles were so crispy that whenever I tried to eat any they kept cracking and exploding and I ended up with more noodles on my lap and on the floor than in my mouth!  I didn't try the $15 corn dogs but they looked like sausages in some kind of batter and T said they good.

The peach cider I had was really delicious and the drink that Tash ordered (pictured in the teacup above) was like warm liquid syrup.  Really lovely and sweet.  I can't remember what it was called (it was on one of the blackboards so might have been a daily special) but it had some kind of gin, strawberry and cream liqueur and some other flavours served with a macaron.

I enjoyed my meal and my catch-up with the girls, loved the decor and I'm glad I tried it out, but the food wasn't so amazing as to overlook the length of time that 2 of us had to wait for our meals.  I think if all 3 of our meals had been ready at the same time, even if it had been as late as it was, that wouldn't have been so bad.

I'd possibly go back just for a drink or two, though, as I think their drinks menu was quite extensive and judging from the one I tried, they mix well.

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