Monday, July 1, 2013


It's been a while since we've had a date night (sitting around at home in our PJs scoffing dinner under the heater in front of the TV doesn't count haha), so Steve and I thought we'd take advantage of my Cinebuzz membership and go and see the $10 movie of the week.  Unfortunately, this week it was After Earth, which has received less than favourable reviews.  Still, we would never let a bad movie ruin date night! 

Given that it was a weeknight and we might be short on time between work and the 6.50pm session time, we decided to try out Bollywood, which is right next to the Innaloo Event Cinemas complex.  I got there around 6pm and it was really quiet, but then this is in Perth on a Monday night haha Decor was modern and clean and the service was super efficient and friendly.  Our waitress even brought us extra dip because we said we liked it so much. 

Steve's favourite indian starter is chicken tikka so we gave theirs a go: 

Chicken Tikka - $17
It was pretty good - nice and tender and good flavour.

Steve wanted to try out their butter chicken and I really felt like eating fish:

Goan fish curry ($22) and butter chicken ($21.50)
I thought the butter chicken wasn't bad, it was creamy and tasty, but I think the butter chicken at 2 Fat Indians is slightly better in terms of the flavour.  Maybe they needed to use just a touch more fenugreek, I'm not sure.

For the the goan fish was really delicious that night - maybe because of my food craving, I don't know!   The garlic naan was a winner too though.

Garlic naan ($4)
We were also lucky to have our Entertainment Book gold card with us that night which got us 25% off (which I think equated to around about $20).  We also had enough left over for another meal the next day (what a yummy lunch I had!) so for indian food at Perth prices it was pretty good value with the gold card if you have it.  

I wouldn't mind going there for another movie/dinner date, but I would rate their sister restaurant (I assume they must have the same owners as their websites are conjoined) as being better.  

Bollywood Restobar on Urbanspoon

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