Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Moon

My mum had recommended New Moon as being the latest popular hotspot for dim sum in Northbridge, and over the weekend my bestie and I were anxious to fulfil a dim sum craving and thought we'd try somewhere new (well, new for me anyway!).  

We got there some time after 11 (possibly around 11.30am?) on a Sunday morning and people were already queuing outside.  The hostess told us it would be around a 15 min wait but it was more around 30 minutes, but well worth the wait.  Even when we were seated people continued to queue outside and there was a constant stream of people coming and going.  My recommendation would be to get there early (say 10.30am) to avoid the wait.

I maybe only have dim sum say 3 or 4 times a year so I'm not exactly what you'd call discerning, but I really liked this place - it was great to get a real variety of different dishes (more than just bbq pork buns and siu mai), so much so that there was more than just the 2 of us could try, though we did our best!  I didn't need to eat again for about 8 hours!!  

Round 1 and our table is already full haha
I was so hungry that after the first round I forgot to take more pictures, though we did order more than just this initial selection:

The ginger duck (centre) was delicious - the meat was tender and I just love warm cooked ginger sauce.  So good.  For the more adventurous, the chicken feet (bottom right) was pretty good too - gelatinous the way I like it and the skin/flesh just fell off the bone (nothing worse than cold, stodgy chicken feet).  The other dishes pictured were pretty good too, except maybe for the beefballs (top left just in from the corner) - they had a little bit of an odd spongy texture.

My hands down favourite dish (not pictured) was the fish roe money bags - not only did they look amazing, but they really tasted great too.

We also ordered the steamed custard buns and were both pleasantly surprised - the egg custard was almost like kaya (an eggy coconut jam that is often used in desserts and as a spread in Malaysia).

As a bit of a habit of mine, to make it easier for me to compare dim sum places, I always order the bbq pork buns, chicken feet, tripe and egg custard tarts - on this occasion, the tripe didn't come around to us until we were already full and when I asked for the egg custard tarts for takeaway I was told they had run out.  Oh well, something to go back for!

The bbq pork buns were a bit different to a lot of other places - the skin was a bit more spongy/stiff and almost more similar to the texture of Vietnamese steamed rice cakes than the usual silky fluffy skin that I'm used to, and I like my filling to be a bit darker in colour and with a tiny bit of gooey gravy (if you would call it gravy), the way my mum used to make it.  Still it wasn't bad, though, and Steve loved the one I brought home for takeaway.

I'd love to go back and try a few of the other dishes I didn't get a chance to - my bestie isn't huge on tendon and I wouldn't have been able to finish the whole thing myself so that's one I'd love to try for next time, as well as the egg tarts, tripe, fried squid tentacles and soft shell crab.

Ooh bonus - it serves dim sum all day on Fridays and Saturdays!  Oh god my mouth is watering.  I think I need to go back.  And soon.

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