Friday, July 12, 2013

Superstar Waffles

As if I hadn't had enough to eat at the Classroom, because I'm such a homebody these days and getting dressed and ready to go out is such an effort, I felt like I'd be wasting my 'readiness' by not staying out, so on my way home I gave boyfie a rang and asked him out on a date.  I got home with the intention of  picking him up, only to fall asleep on the beanbag with my dog on my lap.  He ended up picking me up lol 

I would've loved to get waffles by the beach, but for all that we are 'girded by sea', on my online searches I feel like we seem to be limited to Hillarys or Cottesloe, and even then we would be hoping to find waffles at some sort of ice-creamery.  I'm sure there must be somewhere in Fremantle too, but to me Freo doesn't really count as being by the beach you can't see the coast from main coffee strip.  I would be more than happy to stand corrected - if there are any great beachside waffle cafes out there, I'm open to recommendations! 

Anyway, Steve did a quick online search and found somewhere new for us to try out.  Not anywhere near the beach unfortunately (though it's been so cold in Perth lately I'm sure there would've been no end of complaints from my end had we actually gone to the beach haha), but I was happy to find it tucked down the end of an alleyway near to Jus Burgers.  You would almost miss it, as the sign is so small.  It's closer to the back side of a carpark accessible via Roe Street.  I'm glad to see more little shops and cafes opening up in alleyways in Perth.  It's about time the City started getting a bit more interesting!  

Anyway, the menu is pretty simple - around about a dozen different waffles which you can match up with ice cream.  The shop is small and simply decorated.  I liked the T2 tins on display and the milk fridge was stocked with cartons of Harvy Fresh cream and loads of milk. 

We ordered a hot chocolate and the warm banoffee waffle without icecream (my tiny attempt at being healthy).  In this instance the waffles are brought out to you but you have to get your own cutlery and serviettes.  It's not that I'm super lazy, but if you're already bringing the waffles to the table, why can't you bring the utensils too..?

Warm banoffee waffle - $10.50
I loved this combination!  Bananas sitting on a thick toffee/caramel sauce, a shot of warm maple syrup, and waffles that were crispy on the outside and warm and light on the inside.  Nothing to complain about here.  The hot chocolate was your typical powdered stuff, nothing terribly exciting, but still not the worst non-chocolaterie hot chocolate I've ever had (that special mention goes out to Funtastico in Subiaco.  Great pasta, terrible hot chocolate - they should just call it warmed milk).  I don't really understand why, if you're going to specialise in sweets and desserts, you wouldn't bother to make hot chocolate with actual chocolate.  Annnyway, I digress.

I think the only let-down with the dish was that the cream came out of a can.  I guess the cartons of cream in the fridge were just for display?  (Now I'm just being a cow lol I realise it was possible that the cream was one of the ingredients in the waffle mix.)

The short of it is if you're wandering through Northbridge or have just had a meal and want something quick, sweet and inexpensive with which to wash it all down, this would be a great place to stop.  Would I go out of my way to drive into northbridge just to get them though?  Not likely.  I'd still rather sit in the sun by the beach with an ice cream.

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