Friday, November 1, 2013

Mash Brewing

I was hungry after my 1pm wedding cake delivery - it was not the physical weight of the cake that I offloaded; it was all that emotional weight that I think left me feeling so drained! 

We went a couple of doors up West Swan Road from the venue to Mash Brewing, partly because it was nearby but mostly because we had a 25% discount voucher through the Entertainment Book

The decor was a little industrial but interesting: 

I like the artwork!
Steve had the pie of the day: 

Pie: beef and mushroom braised using Mash’s “Rye the Hop Not?” - $25
It was ... very beef stock-y.  Maybe because I had seafood, I found the beef smell to be quite strong, though Steve quite enjoyed it.  It had definite beer-y undertones too (not a bad thing, I quite liked it).  The beef was in little chunks and quite tender - a tasty little stew with a lovely puff pastry lid.  The chips were perfect.  Was it worth $25 though?  ... Neither of us thought so.

I had an apple cider and the chilli mussels with turkish bread from the specials menu:

Chilli mussels - $28
One thing with these mussels that I can say with approval is that they were well scrubbed and mostly debearded.  Of the whole bowl, only about 4 of the mussels didn't taste quite right (think old socks) - luckily for them, I am used to the taste of things that don't taste quite right haha (kidney/liver/heart/clot/tripe anyone? =P) I'm not sure that calling them chilli mussels is an accurate description, as they weren't spicy at all to my taste, but the sauce was flavoursome (again, a little beer-y but that's to be expected from a brewery).  The Turkish bread pieces were really flat (flat as in they were 1cm thick crispy pieces). I think given that the dish wasn't served with a spoon, I would've liked thicker hunks with which to soak up the soup.

In short:

  • Were the meals edible? Yes.  
  • Were they tasty?  Not mindblowing, but yes, above-average.  
  • Was it value for money?  No. 

I'm not the stingiest person and nor am I the richest, but to me the cost of a dish factors into the enjoyment level.  If I'm spending $30 on lunch, it'd better be a damn good lunch!  I think if they had halved the amount of mussels (I couldn't finish it all) and made it a weekday lunch special charged at say $18, I would've enjoyed it more and maybe expected a little less.

The service was friendly and fairly quick, though as I mentioned earlier, neither the mussels nor the pie were served with a spoon (I would assume if a dish comes in a bowl and has a soup or gravy, it would be easier to eat with a spoon), and we had to ask twice for water glasses (the water bottles themselves are self-served).

Let's just say we were very happy we had a 25% discount voucher! Steve guessed right when he said the part of the meal that I enjoyed the most was the apple cider itself.  It was just like a sparkling apple juice with a tiny hint of beer.  Refreshing!

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