Saturday, January 11, 2014

5 minutes with Peppa Pig

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was super lucky this Christmas to have received some amazing gifts. The first of these was my very own Agbay cake leveller.  I've been umming and ahhing about getting one for the looooongest time, but just couldn't muster up the budget for it.  Thank goodness for my lovely work colleagues who pooled their resources and made my wish come true!  To my neverending shame, I actually cried when I unwrapped the box, and didn't let go of it for about 20 minutes (seriously I found myself in a meeting still clutching it to my chest haha). 

Having minimal parts, it's a pretty quick learning curve.  As much as I enjoyed my cake break, I was really looking forward to making the first cut. 

Ready for the first cut!! scary! 
This white vanilla butter cake is from my trusty Cake Bible - after all my Christmas baking I found myself with about 18 egg whites, so it was good to get a chance to use up about 5!

Perfectly straight cuts - no tears ... or tears! haha
The cake was still partially frozen but this was perfect, as the cake is at room temperature quite soft, so the chill factor made for a perfectly clean cut:

So clean - it is a thing of beauty!
I have to admit, I was so delighted with the result I ran around the living room brandishing my perfectly levelled cakes in each hand like some kind of pizza chef hahaha

*Ahem*  anyway, embarrassing happy dances aside, the cakes did eventually find themselves a new costume:

Remember that baptism cake I was seriously not a fan of?  Well I blinked and now she's turning 2!!! Where on earth did all that time go?  I was so touched that her mum remembered me for her daughter's cake.  She had requested this Peppa Pig cake and gave it my own little twist.

I was especially happy with how the little trees and apples turned out.  I had forgotten to let Melodie's mum know that I was going to make a few changes but her message to me (after my explanation) was:
That's very fine Jacelyn, like my hubby said it shows that you are a professional :)
... once again you did not disappoint the cake was just gorgeous and delicious :) 


  1. Oh my goodness, your Peppa Pig cake looks amazing! Your cakes will only get better with all your new sparkly tools x

  2. Aww thanks Clare! It was just nice to start the year on a cake that didn't keep me up all hours of the night for once haha =D xx